Channel furnace with variable frequency power supply

The intermediate frequency(VF)power supply is an update power supply applied in channel induction furnace,which is different with traditional main frequency(NF)power supply and is able to regulating power capacity by means of working frequency.There is big advantage during its operation.

Detailed introduction



Channel furnace equipped with traditional  power supply

Channel furnace equipped with
VF IGBT power supply               

Working frequency



Content of electrical components

Transformer with tapping, voltage regulating switchgear, main switchgear, three phase balance system and power factor compensation regulating cabinet

Transformer without tapping and main switchgear, VF power supply cabinet and control cabinet

Three phases balance system

Manual regulating per power variation

Three phase rectifier, natural three phases balancing

Compensation of power factor

Manual regulating of capacitor volume per power variation

Automatic compensation during regulation of frequency

Power regulating method 

Step regulation by tapping transformer

Step-less regulation by adjusting the working frequency

Control of liquid temperature

By turn on/off the main switchgear to regulate step-step the feeding power according to the thermocouple signal

The feeding power can be regulated step-less according to the thermocouple signal

Possibility of computerized managing system


There is reserved interface on main control board to connect with computerized managing system in future

Running cost

The power consumption is more than 330 kWh/t for cooper melting at 1200 ℃

The power consumption is less than 300 kWh/t for copper melting at 1200℃


All mechanical switch, such as regulating switch of transformer, main switchgear, contactors of capacitors etc.

The power regulating to be done by electronic components, less maintenance needed


Characteristics of variable frequency power supply

The advantage of channel induction furnace equipped with VF solid state power supply
The power regulation to be done by regulation of working frequency,the working range is between 50~120 Hz and the power can be adjusted from 1%to 100%steplessly
Power factor>0.95 during whole working period by means of diode rectifier
Capacitor filter to be selected to ensure the harmonic meet with regulation of national standard
IGBT components to be installed in inverter,which switch on/off quickly and thus can protect its self damage in case of faults happening;
The VF power supply to be installed with CB7 full digital control system with high control accuracy and self failure diagnostic function and there is a graphical interface showing real time elec-parameters,working status and fault point in screen.The signals communication between control board and IGBT inverter to be done by optical fiber to avoid interference;
There is closed-loop temperature control system(for copper melting and holding process),the accuracy of temperature can be controlled under 5℃;
There is a cooling water monitoring system to monitoring the pressure of cooling water and the outlet temperatures in each individual cooling water branch route.The alarming temperatures for each individual cooling water branch route can be set individually according to requirement.The power supply will shut down automatically in case of over temperature;
Available communication interface to be used to connecting with host computer(Melting Managing System),which have the following functions:
---the automatic recording of working data,which can be shared in LAN;
---the alarming function of channel worn condition is available
.---automatic starting at cold status
---temperature controlling of molten liquid function automatically;
---automatic melting process by means of fixed energy setting.
There is pre-reserved interface on main control board,which allows connecting with computer managing system in the future.
Trigger signals transmit by optical fiber to be used between control board and main circuit for safety.
Real-time monitoring for the temperature and pressure of cooling water.
Three phases input and single phase output without three phase balance system,thus this updated power supply possesses the following advantage:smaller space,less investment,easy to control and operating.

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