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Xian Mechanical&Electric Institute


Xian Mechanical & Electric Institute(abbreviated as XMEI)Established in 1987,located in Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone,is a High-tech enterprises,who is a professional manufacturer to undertaking research of induction melting and heating equipment and power supply devices,product design,manufacturing,installation,maintenance and technical services etc..XMEI is one of the largest manufacturers of induction furnace in China.XMEI possess the ISO9000 quality management system certificate,and the European Union CE safety certificate.

The XMEI head office,located in Torch Building in Gaoxin Road,is responsible for induction furnace research,design,sales and technical services.There are R&D division,Technical division,Sales and After-sales service division etc in head office,on which some senior experts in the field of induction melting and heating lead these technical teams and work with the computer aided designing software,which was imported and developed by himself.The manufacturing plant is located in Tang Xing road in Xi'an Hi-tech Development Zone and has more than 8,000 square meters of production workshop and all kinds facilities associated with the manufacturing of induction furnace.XMEI possess the production capability to provide 50t induction furnace.The specialized warehouse,on which stored complete all kinds of domestic and imported spare parts,ensures our rapid and timely delivery of spare parts and maintenance services to customers.

There are total 126 employees in XMEI,among which 16 persons to undertaking R&D and 43 persons are working in technical position.The total 63 persons possess college degree.XMEI has been identified as high-tech enterprises by Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau on 2000 and was identified as the high-tech enterprises by Shaanxi Province on 2008.XMEI possessed a number of patents in the field of industrial furnace.

Since more than 20 years,XMEI carefully crafted out XMEI brand of induction furnace,which represents the advanced technology and high level for induction furnace and respected by users.Our product“VF induction furnace with IGBT power sharing system"was ranked to“Torch Program"managed by Ministry of Since&technology and our product”Channel furnace equipped with VF power supply with series resonant circuit"was ranked to“Enterprises Innovation Founded Projects”managed by Ministry of Science&Technology.Our products with XMEI brand was exported to Europe,West Asia,the CIS and other countries in the past two decades.

Zhong Dian limited liability company,XMEI’s Technology Partners,is undertaking the researching,producing and service of refractories used in induction furnace specially.And Shanghai Xibo industrial furnace co.,Ltd.,the XMEI’s Technology Partner,is undertaking the researching and manufacturing of induction channel furnace in copper industry specially.The above cooperation system makes XMEI to possess the ability to take the designing and contracting for melting section in foundry.


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