Induction furnace for iron melting


  Intermediate frequency(IF)induction furnace for iron melting
  Client:Shanghai turbine plant
  Time to running since:2005
  This client purchased three sets IF induction furnace(5t,10t and 25t).Among it 5t and 10t furnaces equipped with two sets of IF PS power supply(6000kW+500kW),two sets of melting/holding power supplies feed the power to two sets of 5t/10t furnaces to run as melting process and holding process.Both power supplies and furnaces can be switched each other.Thus one furnace for melting and another for holding.There is another 2000kW PS IF power supply feeds power to 25t furnace for holding operation.
  There are two unique technology in this furnace installation:
  (1)Rated power to match with individual furnace automatically
  When the 6000kW power supply switch on to 5t furnace,some amount of compensation capacitors will be cut down and the output voltage will be changed automatically,the result is the rated power to 5t furnace will be 3000kW.
  (2)Dynamic weighing device
  There is a angle sensor in furnace to measuring the furnace tilting angle,thus the hydraulic oil weight inside cylinders could be calculated,by which to compensate the weighed data.So far the poured iron liquid weight and remain iron liquid weight inside crucible can be displayed accurately.


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